AquaBright by EcoFinish


AquaBright is changing an industry, and how we think about pool surfaces. Traditional pool surfaces like plaster, quartz and pebble, are cement based products. All cement based products are made up of calcium compounds. The problem is water has the ability to dissolve calcium compounds in cement, especially aggressive pool water. This leads to deterioration, discoloration, increased porosity, staining, and an overall ugly pool surface. In pebble finishes, the deterioration of the cement leads to pebble loss, a rougher surface and premature failure.



Work by Advanced Pool Specialist.

A revolutionary thermoplastic pool surface coating.

It is an absolute game changer!

Because it is a plastic based material, and not cement, it is completely chemically inert.

This means that it can’t be dissolved by water. Its beauty is enduring and stands the test of time.


Ugly, Spotted & Stained Plaster

If you do some research on why plaster stains, discolors or etches, you’ll likely get sucked down a wormhole of senseless debate. But not here! Bottom Line: plaster (or quartz, or pebble) is a cement based surface. Water can, and does dissolve cement and therefore leads to failure, i.e. discoloration, staining, etching and spalling.

Structurally Cracked Pools

AquaBright offers two distinct advantages in structurally cracked pools. First, AquaBright is flexible so it offers “give” in the event of movement. Keep in mind, AquaBright will not hold together a pool that is cracking, but it will be a flexible pool surface in the event of future movement.


A/B is repairable

When cracks show up through plaster, and plaster needs to be patched, it is very difficult if not impossible to patch plaster to match. Not so with AquaBright! Since no amount of structural repair can ever guarantee a pool won’t crack, if cracks do reappear, it can be repaired and patched very effectively. This is terrific insurance against having a pool that looks like Frankenstein just a few years after it’s done.

AquaBright Difference

A/B is not a cement based surface. It is a thermoplastic surface that is chemically inert. In other words, water cannot dissolve AquaBright. Period. Therefore, the color stays true, year after year. Beautiful and enduring.